Planify is a group travel planning solution, allowing tour organizers to save time while planning and designing attractive and complex itineraries.

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Design attractive travel itineraries

Plan everything in Planify and save time by designing and filling your itinerary in a structured way. Invite contributors to collectively edit your plan, saving you the hassle of numerous email exchanges.

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Share your program

You decide how you want to share the travel itinerary with your participants: give them access to the plan within the Planify mobile application, send them a PDF per email or print it to give them a paper brochure.

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An always up-to-date solution

Once the travel itinerary is downloaded on the smartphone of your participants, be reassured that they always have the latest version in their pocket! You can even message them with push notifications.

Planify Web Manager : Plan it all!

Planify works simultanesouly with Planify Web Manager. Planify Web Manager is where you create and design your plans, while participants access it through Planify’s mobile app.

Once you logged into Planify Web Manager, create all the plans you want, in a simple, time saving way. Set all the necessary details, and enrich each plan with pictures, maps, tips, contacts & more. 

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The whole plan in a single device, accessible anywhere.


Once Planify is downloaded, participants will have access to their beautiful program. Either online or offline, the program is always accessible. 

A last minute setback ? Edit the program on the manager, and the participants will instantly be notified. 

A global access, anywhere, at anytime. 

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I would like to congratulate to Planify for this amazing app. We use Planify in every single event we organise and the participants love it. It’s simple, intuitive and always with them. Since we started to use Planify, everyone is truly informed and when changes occur, it takes only few minutes to update the agenda in the app. Great job, Planify!

Jakub Puchajda - CEO of Travel Consulting, Warsaw

Testimonial about Planify from Benedikt Schwartz, Senior Consultant at Switzerland Global Enterprise

The participants of the Data & Electronics Business Mission were very happy to use Planify during the trip to Silicon Valley and to CES in Las Vegas. It turned out to be the most efficient way to communicate the program, participants list and other relevant information, always up to date and at the finger-tip of their phone.

Benedikt Schwartz -  Senior Consultant at Switzerland Global Enterprise


We organize many groups, incentives and conferences during the year, as well as tailor made itineraries for prestigious clients. Planify really helps us in delivering VIP service for our customers. It is very user friendly, easy to manage and share. The app provides a simple way to keep the clients informed about the tours, practical information about the countries etc. I really recommend it to any travel agency!

Weronika Rapala - Travel Designer at Biuro Podrozy Rapala 


Sabrina Cohen Dumani - Planify Group Travel Planning Solution

We organize the Swiss delegation each year to the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel-Aviv. Planify is definitely a wonderful app for our delegates,. It gives them an easy access to all the information (program, schedule of the conferences, biographies of the members, etc.). Thanks to planify’s team, we are always able to manage the changes in the schedule in real time and upload all the required datas. We highly recommend this app to anyone organizing delegation abroad.

Sabrina Cohen Dumani - President of Nomads foundation


"We organize many learning tours for prestigious customers and we are delighted with Planify. Very easy and friendly interface, allowing us to make change even at the last minute. No more struggling with outdated paper plans. Participants are really pleased to get the plan even accessible offline, comprising all important information and visually splendid and intuitive. I recommend!"

Romain Dussart - Digital Project Manager, HUB Institute

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