Why are we doing what we do?

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Our mission is to save time and make it easy for every group travel organiser to design and share a travel itinerary.

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We strive to work in a dynamic and fun environment where honesty, proactivity and creativity are celebrated.

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We are not afraid to fail as long as we seize these opportunities to learn, to grow as a company and as humans.

Our Culture


We want to deliver a highly qualitative user experience for both group travel organisers and travellers.


We are here to solve the problems of travel agencies, tourist offices and other  group travel organizers. Your challenges are our challenges!


We want to save time for travel agents and travel organisers while preparing the itinerary. Focus on the program, not on the tools!

The Story

Planify’s journey started in Summer 2015. Sébastien Flury, CEO of Coteries Lab, a digital agency based at EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland, was invited by a leading Swiss export agency to a roadshow in Brazil. He received more than half a dozen versions of the travel program by email and in a PDF form during the weeks preceding the travel. Curious and excited by the activities planned during the roadshow, he quickly lost track of the changes between two versions of the program and finally did not opened the new version he was receiving. Moreover, landing to Sao Paulo and starting the trip, he received a new – paper – version of the roadshow planning, which was already different of the last digital version received… and which was no more accurate either, as last minute changes were happening.

By coïncidence, Coteries Lab was discussing with one of its customer, a leading telecom company, which was planning an Executives Tour to Silicon Valley, involving its top management. And searching for a better way to get the planning of the tour.

Planify was born!

After doing some prototypes and users tests early 2016, we started visiting travel agencies and tourist offices, to better understand the way they work. After some corrections and optimisations of our product offering, we officially started the commercialisation of Planify early 2017. We’ve done a major upgrade of our platform end of June 2018 and keep improving the Planify experience based on your feedbacks.

We are based at EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, do not hesitate to come say “Hi”  if you’re around!