FAQ / Support

Do I need to create an account to get a travel plan?

No, you don't. Your travel organizer needs to create an account on Planify web manager.

Can I collaborate with my colleagues to edit an itinerary?

Yes, you can invite anyone as a contributor to edit your travel itinerary.

Can I print a Planify travel itinerary?

Yes, of course. Planify allows you to generate a PDF of your travel itinerary, that you can print.

Can I have a custom mobile application based on Planify?

Not yet. Currently, you need to use the Planify mobile application for your group travel itineraries. If you want to have a custom version…

How can I modify a plan on my mobile as a travel manager?

There is a mobile-friendly version of the Planify Manager, available on mobile.planify.io. Features are however limited on the mobile…

Is there a group chat on Planify mobile application?

No, there is currently no chat function within Planify mobile application.

What is the best cover picture size for the Planify application?

The ideal proportions of the cover picture are: width: 744px height: 1080px Best picture format is .jpg.

Bug screenshot: how to send usable screenshots to solve it?

If you're experimenting a bug while using Planify... we are sorry for this! We will do our best to quickly solve it, but in order to fix…

My plans are not visible on Planify web manager: why?

Content blocked? Once logged in to Planify web manager, your plans or the content of your plans are not visible. Why? There is a simple…

How to share a plan?

On the Dashboard view, click on: "..." and Share the plan You can then generate a link, that you can: copy to clipboard (to paste…