Planify Manager, Planify, Group Travel Itinerary Solution

We have been working hard during the last months to bring you the new web manager of Planify.

We are pleased to announce you that the new version is gone live today!

If you have already an account, you do not need to do anything: your current account was migrated automatically to the new platform. The iPhone and Android mobile apps have also be updated and your participants will have to update the app to keep using the service and receiving potential changes on their travel.

The new web manager will allow you to design your plan quicker, more easily, and is one step closer to our vision: Design your travel itinerary in one place, share it everywhere!

We have also developed new features, that you can discover hereafter:

You can now download an attractive version of your travel itinerary in PDF, to print or to send it by email to your participants.

While you’re entering data in the web manager, you automatically have a preview of your program directly from your desktop. And also in real-time in the app.

Every data entry is now automatically saved. You do not have to do anything special, just move on from one field to the other and the data you’ve entered is saved!

Creating contacts is now easier and is centralized in one single place. You can also link one or more speakers directly to any activity.

You are now able to import multiple pictures or documents at the same time… and to drag’n’drop your media from your desktop.

Push notifications
Imagine you have 8 sub-groups for an incentive travel: you can now send the same message to participants across the different plans!

Sharing the travel itinerary
There isn’t any code anymore to type into the mobile app. You are now able to generate a link, which will add the plan in one single click (even if you do not have the application installed). Share then the link by email or via What’s app!

What’s next?

As you may imagine, we won’t stop there and you’ll be able to discover new features (personalising with your own logo, etc.) in the coming weeks.

We care about your opinion. So do not hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or comment!