Product Updates: August 2018

We have been working hard and wanted to share our latest product updates. Discover them hereafter!

A QR Code to scan & to install the plan

We’ve replaced the code to type in the app by a QR Code to scan. Save the image and add it to the documents you’re sending.
You have now 2 options:

  • your participants click on the link you send them, or…
  • they scan the QR Code to add the program (just click “+” in the app)

In the mobile application, you can access the QR code directly from the app dashboard on the left upper corner.
Click the QR-Code icon and let your participant scan it from his smartphone!

Custom logo

Add your own logo! This will be visible in the app on the cover picture. As well as in the PDF.
Your logo will even be added in the center of the QR Code, making it even more personalised to your company or to your customers!

This feature is limited only to Premium accounts!


You have now a clearer view on which programs you’ve created and on the ones you’re invited to contribute.
Moreover, you can sort the plans by name or creation date, as well as to search a specific plan!

Contacts – Excel import

We had removed the feature to import an Excel list of contacts. Why? Because we were not happy at all with the previous solution, which was sometime difficult to handle.

With the new feature, you can simply import any Excel list and match the columns you want to import within Planify. Way better, no  ;-)?