Traveling with a group can be an exhilarating experience. But coordinating itineraries as a travel organizer can often be a nightmare.

Planify web manager is an innovative group travel itinerary builder. Planify will be improved in Summer 2024 with new features designed to streamline the travel planning process and enhance the overall customer experience.

Our itinerary builder has always been a go-to tool for travel organizers looking to create seamless itineraries for groups of all sizes. Planify is designed to improve the creation of incentive travel, student trips, or weekends with your sports team. Since 2016, Planify has been the trusted platform for crafting customized travel plans.

With the upcoming upgrade, Planify new features promise to make the process quicker, more intuitive, and more efficient than before.

Building an itinerary on Planify will become quicker and more intuitive, with many small improvements to set travel plans in minutes. A new smart activity creation process, a web version, and security features will come in addition to an enhanced user interface, designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface will make it easier than ever to customize your itinerary and rearrange activities. An improved collaborative experience will also allow travel organizers to edit the plan intuitively.

With these new features and a refreshed customer experience, is poised to become the ultimate companion for group travel organizers everywhere.

If you have any potential feature requests or desires, drop us a line!