business trip -planify-mobile-phone-planA Business Trip is normally associated with a lot of stress, besides making a safe travel, you are focused on making the perfect business impression.
The goal of this article is providing you with the right tips to save you time, after all we want you to focus more on the business than being worried with traveling issues.

1. A Business Trip must be planned early

The sooner you start planning your trip, the sooner you’ll be able to drive your attention on the business side. Arriving to your destination close to the scheduled hour might be risky, you never know if there’s going to be any delays. Make sure you arrive a couple of hours sooner or, if possible, arrange to arrive the day before so you can be well rested for the meetings.

2. Assemble all your travel documents in the same place

Review your personal documents to check if they are all up-to-date. If donĀ“t, renew them! Sometimes being a frequent traveller will lead you to “over confidence” and that’s when you start forgetting about these little things that someday will be needed. Please don’t be that guy.

3. Choose wisely your accommodation

Choose the right accommodation based on your budged and the time you’ll be spending on this trip. First of all, give preference to proximity. The place would be close to the airport and public transports, and also close to your meeting locations. But we all know that several times this is not possible, so try to find a balance by prioritizing all these options.

4. Pack only what is needed

A rookie mistake (and normal) is to pack way more things that you will need. For a short trip do you need as much clothes? Is your clothing matching the country’s / city weather? Be clever about this point because it might save you time. Moreover, the less weight you carry, the more energy you save (and you will need it!).

5. Make a digital Itinerary

If this is really a business trip you should have at least a paper brochure with all the info, goals, where to sleep, time of the meetings, etc. But how about putting all of that in your phone in a mobile app? Much easier and appealing right? No one likes to be carrying a big paper brochure in every step of the trip. That’s why we suggest you download planify. This is an app where you can share a plan that you made online, the best of all? Even if you don’t have internet connection, you can check the plan offline! Besides, every business has to be updated with the latest technology, so here is the chance to do it.

Do you know more tips on how to plan the perfect business trip? Please comment below so we can discuss about it.