Incentive travel, business trip, Planify, Group Travel Itinerary Solution

To motivate your employees, there is no better idea than an incentive travel. The very best ones get a rewarding experience. It doesn’t matter if the destination is California, Zermatt, Paris or Costa Rica, Planify is the perfect travel companion following you everywhere!
Define the destination, enter the travel information, fill in the activities, enhanced by attractive pictures, and locate them on the map. Create a gallery with exciting pictures of the incentive travel they will be living. Free them of any paper plan and let them just have the plan on their smartphone.

Share it early with your employees, who will be able to add the plan in Planify mobile application and always be sure to have the latest version of the program. You can make changes anytime without having to send a new email with the PDF brochure. You can simply notify your participants with a push notification directly in the mobile application.