If you are working at the Human Resources department in a big company, onboarding new hires can be stressful and time consuming. The newbies receive a full program to on-board them on company culture, rules, and so on… Most of the time, you, as a HR specialist, print a paper document that you distribute on the first day to new employees.

Or you send a PDF brochure to their private email address before the D-Day. If you are more “sophisticated”, you add the plan in their personal calendar (Outlook, etc.). But these different ways of doing are kind of suboptimal: – what if you can send them the plan before D-Day, with the possibility to change things at last minute (and avoid printing it on paper)? – do you really want to have your new employees checking the plan in their personal email address? – are you employees authorized to synchronize their calendar on their private smartphone?

And by definition, a newbie has no access to its work environment on the first day… With Planify, you can solve these issues… include as many information as you want in the a web manager, make modifications anytime, do not care about the private emails issue or about a work environment which cannot be used for this. Planify is the tool for a smooth integration of your new employees!