Anyone related to sport events knows that it is unconvienent to walk around with a piece of paper when you’re practising. Moreover, if you’re taking part to regattas, where you are in a very humid environment! You may receive a PDF brochure per email before the event, but have you ever experienced to be sailing over the sea?

You probably have no internet connection, so you may not be able to access the PDF in your mailbox whenever you’d like to check what’s next … Embarrassing isn’t it? Planify is your portable and friendly solution to share the plan with your participants. Fill the plan in the Planify Web Manager and allow participants to check schedules, locations (maps), activities, etc. directly on their smartphone.

A change in the plan or a race is postponed or even cancelled due to bad weather? Don’t worry… simply use push notifications to inform your participants of the changes! The best of all? Your plan is always available, even if you’re offline.


Planify is the best tool to support the internal communication of sport events. We have been using it for 2 years now, it has almost completely replaced the paper copies of our programs, registration and information documents. More than 120 people are using it daily before and during the event. Any change, any update, any new document or new information is instantly pushed to all users and they will know it immediately. If you are an event organizer, it is a « Must-have » tool!

Hubert Detrey, Event Coordinator RC44