Student on a study trip, Planify, Group Travel Itinerary Solution

Many high schools around the world plan study trips for their students, being to celebrate their graduation or as integrating part of their learning cursus. No matter if you’ll be discovering Prag, London, Paris, or San Francisco, Planify is the perfect travel companion for your students. Forget the paper plan and be sure that your students always have the plan in their pocket, or even in their hand! And more importantly, that they always have emergency contacts always with them.

Define the destination, enter the travel information, fill in the activities, enhanced by attractive pictures, and locate them on the map. Create a gallery with engaging pictures. Share the plan early with your students and make changes anytime without having to send a new email with a PDF brochure. Simply send them a push notification to inform them or to remind them of next meeting time (…).

See here how EHL used Planify for several student committees and study trips.