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If you’re working at a tourist office, your mission is to promote your destination and allow visitors to discover your beautiful region. Most of the time, you’re talking to three different publics:

1. Media (journalists, TV reporters, bloggers): tourist offices are organizing discovery tours for delegations of journalists, guiding their hosts from one point to another of the region. They organize a cool experience around all the specialities of the destination (places to see, meals to taste, etc.)

2. Business visitors: companies contact tourist offices to find an appropriate venue for their event or conferences, to get advice about hostels or activities to do. Tourist offices are one of the key partner for all corporate incentive travels.

3. Private visitors: tourist offices get requests about what is to be done in the region, from individuals or groups (associations, clubs, etc.) coming for leisure trips.

Planify will give you the possibility to include maps to help people find their way and beautiful images to illustrate the plan. You can also include tips, giving them some activities ideas to experience during their free time.


We can only recommend the Planify App if you need a user friendly and modern way to display a program. The implementation is easy, the layout is very nicely done and the content can be adapted live at all time. We used it for a one-day event taking place in many different venues in Lausanne and our clients as well as our local partners appreciated it a lot. Not only the program interface is pleasant but also the possibility to include many contact persons, tips and other useful information.

Charlotte Bourquin - Marketing Project Coordinator, Lausanne Tourism