If you’re planning any kind of workshops, inside your company or welcoming researchers from around the world, you probably know how stressful it can be not “finalize” the plan. To avoid sending multiple versions of the plans, you’re waiting the very last moment to send it to your participants. Your participants are pressuring you to get it, because, well, they’d like to know what they’ll be doing. If you send the program too early, you’ll need to send a new version of the plan… which will be confusing and you’ll never be sure that your participants have the latest version of the plan.

Moreover, even if you’ve sent your participants a PDF brochure, you may need to print paper brochures. There is a however a high probability that half of your paper brochures remain left on the table, meaning wasted paper and unnecessary costs. Share the workshop plan early with your participants, who will be able to add the plan in Planify mobile app and always be sure to have the latest version of the plan. You can make changes anytime without having to send a new email with the PDF brochure.

Or to print again expensive paper brochures. And simply notify changes to your participants with a push notification. With Planify, you can also share interesting details (simply who will be there, but also biography, picture, LinkedIN profile, etc) of your participants and give them ideas of what to do during their free time.